City Centre Coalition (CCC) - Ottawa

The City Centre Coalition?(CCC) ?is a network of representatives from several downtown Ottawa community associations as well as a students' association and a safe cycling group focused on transportation issues affecting the downtown. ? Our ?transportation planning advocacy in Ottawa focuses on the expansion of walking, cycling, and transit as the most effective solutions to growing transportation needs.

We hold regular meetings for the exchange of information on transportation issues within our communities and seek consensus points of view that follow the principle?that solutions to transportation challenges will not be found by shifting problems from one community to another.

There is a growing body of evidence emerging that the best solutions to transportation challenges are ones that focus on making cities more liveable for people and which are beginning to recognize that enabling ever higher levels of peak period auto travel creates more problems than it solves.

By providing a forum for multiple communities to work together, the CCC endeavours to promote consensus decision making, greater levels of information sharing, and more effective representation of these points of view in our advocacy activities with our governments and politicians.